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We have extensive experience in helping clients get what they deserve. Don't be pushed around by the insurance company to settle for less than what is rightfully yours. Regardless of how your injury occured, Jeremy Anderson will get you the settlement you deserve. We will aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries.

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A Commitment to Excellence

We understand your concerns and work hard to fight on your behalf. We come between you and the insurance company adjusters who will try to negotiate a settlements and not give you what you are entitled due to your loss. Our attorneys have the committment and professionalism that you would expect in a highly–rated law firm. Let us help you on your case. When wrongfully hurt, and your life has been disturbed, we believe you should settle for more.


A Passion for Justice

After an injury or accident, it is difficult to know who to trust. When you are trying to decide on the best personal injury law firm to handle your case, you will want someone who not only treats your case in a professional manner, but will also who take time to listen and understand your needs. You need a firm that treats you with respect, honor, and integrity, and who communicates with you every step of the way. We have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases, as well as a track record of successful settlements for clients.


An Urge for Fair Pricing

We have a passion for justice and excellence, and want to provide you with the best services at affordable pricing. We offer free legal case evaluation. You are not obligated to anything after the initial consultation. We want to show you what's possible and want you to know that you are in charge. You have already been through a lot and we are deeply interested in helping you recover and gain your life back.

We help people effectively fight their

  • Cost of Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Future Lost Income in Cases of Disability
  • Hospital and Ambulance Bills
  • Lost Income and Wages
  • Other Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Ambulance Fees
  • Surgery Costs

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    Our legal

    practice areas

    Car Accidents

    If you have been a victim of car accident due to negligent driver, it is important for you to act fast and know your rights. Car crashes cost billions of dollars per year in damages. We fight for you to get assistance in property damages, car repairs, medical costs, lost wages and rental car expenses.

    Commercial Truck Accidents

    These type of accidents usually come with big damages and big injuries and victims could suffer with pain for a long period. However, the insurance companies are aware of the liability commerical trucks are, and they are ready to prove their innocence at all cost. Let us take on the insurance company for you.

    Slip and Fall

    These are one of the most common injuries under premise liability. We have extensive experience in slip and fall accidents and can provide you with the right advise that will protect you against the defending attorneys. Don't delay to contact us so we can file your case as soon as possible.

    Personal Injury

    Personal injuries not only impact our physical and financial situation, but they can impact our emotional feelings as well. When involved in a personal injury, there are so many factors that you have to worry about. The insurace companies are used to dealing with claims and they will do their best to avoid giving you what is rightfully yours.

  • Auto Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Drunk Driver Accidents

  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Tractor Trailer Accidents

  • When wrongfully hurt, don't settle for less than what is rightfully yours.

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    Thank you for standing by me through the whole process and helping me feel protected and cared for. The whole process can be really hard to deal with, but your team made it much easier. — Brian Hayes
    I have already recommended your team to a family member who is going through a personal injury case. I had to remind myself constantly that the insurance companies will do their best to settle for much less than what rightfully belongs to me. I was fortunate to work with your team who has experience in knowing all aspects of personal injury cases and was able to guide me through the whole process. — Rebecca Edwards
    Looking back through the whole process, your team was really knowledgable in the whole process and helped us receive the settlement that we deserved and not what the insurance adjuster was wanting us to sign. — Veronica Garcia

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